Summer Series 2021: Introducing the Beckett Bears

The Beckett Bears received the invite to the University Rocketeers Summer Series by reaching the top eight in the European University Rocketeers Championships, and they are definitely going to take advantage of the opportunity.

The roster they are putting forward is unchanged from the premier Spring competition, which consisted of Rahwho, MattyET, Mosley and their sub Hoggy. Their winter season saw Hoggy on the starting roster, and despite not having seen any international play, he proved himself domestically by helping Beckett clinch a top 24 finish. Mosley, who replaced Hoggy over the Christmas break, gave them the final nudge they needed to really compete at the top of university Rocket League. The main core played in the NSE Spring Championships where the Beckett Bears exploded into the upper echelon of university Rocket League. Even National League staples such as the UEA Bluejays and York Pun Name were shocked by the revitalised Beckett squad, which placed 7th overall.

After this, the quartet battled their way through the intense first qualifier for the European University Rocketeer’s Championship 2021 that had some ferocious competition. After a first-round bye they clashed head to head with the terrifying Erasmus Esports Rotterdam. The Dutch side quickly swept them, but the Bears pushed on in the lower bracket. In round six, the UWE Sea Stags stepped up to the plate and gave Beckett a nightmare-ish series but couldn’t seize the final game. Beckett’s qualifying game was against York Pun Name, who were seeking revenge for their recent NSE playoffs loss, but the Bears snubbed them in game five to reach the main event.

Beckett then had a difficult Group B to contend with that consisted of some very notable teams, Erasmus, who handed the Bears their only loss in the qualifiers, Loughborough and Düsseldorf. They made swift work of Wrocław and Sapienza Roma in clinical 3-0’s. The matches against Essex and Loughborough made for some exciting and nail-biting Rocket League with phenomenal showings from all players. Rahwho showed up massively in the series against Essex switching up his defensive playstyle for an aggressive playmaker, making crazy passes and shots as well with both series ending in 3-2 to Beckett.

A strong start to the playoffs where they beat Groningen Mojitos 4-2 sent them head-first into a dangerous clash with top seed Berlin Phoenix. Despite the Bears’ best efforts, including holding the eventual champions to an overtime, they fell 0-4 to the lower bracket. In a twist on their group stage match, Beckett managed to sweep their rivals Essex over four intensely tight games, including three overtimes. In the round of eight, however, after making it so far, they fell to a rampaging Salford Lions 2-4. Despite it being the Lions’ closest game since Loughborough in the round of twenty the Bears finished up just shy of Championship Sunday.

The attacking synergy Beckett has created in a short space of time playing together is something to behold. MattyET and Mosley are a true dynamic duo in attack with a deadly strike and creativity in their passes which often catch out anyone who’s not in the right position, creating the most outrageous plays. Some may underestimate the Bears due to their sudden rise through their domestic ranking, but now, they have a chance to cement their names as strong contenders in the European university Rocket League scene.