Summer Series 2021: Introducing the Arctic Eboys

The Arctic Eboys, the University of Liverpool’s highly mechanical team, are a squad that has recently proven itself in the NSE Spring 2021 split, securing a 5-6th position following league play and playoffs. Viewed as a dark horse by many, and after defying even those expectations with a strong finish, they now look to go even further in the University Rocketeers Summer Series.

But let’s back up for a moment. The Arctic Eboys are relatively new to the university scene, first playing in NSE Spring 2020 where they placed 15th. Roee is the highest scorer in the squad and a mechanical god, with supersonic legend 1v1 skills able to help him put the ball in the back of the net, or apply suffocating pressure to the opposing team. Rista, who mirrors Roee in potency, helps out on offence with an abundance of assists and a terrifying goal count. And last but not least, Wambo John, who, despite spending the most time at the back of the field, still manages to find a terrifyingly large number of demos each game, the second-highest in the UR qualifier stage. Oh the trauma he could inflict if left to run rampant in the opponents half, I’m sure Virtuoso would be proud…

After a slow start which saw them get a 16th place finish in NSE 2020 Winter League play, they started to ramp up, securing a plethora of top 8 finishes in both the NSE and NUEL Spring Championships, garnering a lot of attention in the process. An impressive 2nd place in the League Play stage of NUEL was of particular interest to onlookers as the Eboys cemented themselves as solid competitors.

Internationally, however, things haven’t been going so well. They failed to secure a top-four spot in two EURC 2021 qualifiers, so they didn’t make the main event. Their last international showing was from EUR Summer 2020, where they were only able to secure a single match win, over the Durham Defenders, leaving them in 13-14th position. 

Despite Europe seemingly able to blunt the sharp edge of this Liverpool squad, I’m sure they’ve been grinding the whetstone of ranked and scrims. As talented contenders, everyone should be looking out for the Arctic Eboys and what kind of performance they can bring to the table. Let’s hope the hype I’ve built up in this piece for the Eboy squad is less fake, and more real, than your average e-girl.